Scott Bell and his heart touching music


Scott Bell is a very talented singer and songwriter who formed The Avenue in 2005 in Belmont, NC. As a singer/songwriter he has a great desire to bring emotions to people through his music. Through dreamy sounds, up-beat electric rhythms, soft melodies, true to heart lyrics, and his voice, his[…]


Interview with an internationally acclaimed multi-talented artist SDLT


Santino De La Tore (aka SDLT) is an internationally acclaimed musician, composer, songwriter and vocalist. Santino now operates his own studio in Los Angeles where he resides. He composes and produces his solo albums as well as music for Start-up’s Apps and commercials. Santino’s compositions are regularly placed in major[…]

Alexian Kernel

Music Artist Alexian Kernel talks about his life and music


Alexian Kernel, also known as Percy Meza, is a 25-year-old Peruvian artist. Kernel has become a legacy for the Iquiteño music scene that had been hopeless by the lack of connectivity that had seriously affected the cultural development of that Peruvian city. Graduated from the Scientific University of Peru as[…]


Conversation With An Up & Coming Hip Hop Artist L Prezzy


Today on our Hot Seat we have an up & Coming music artist from Philadelphia, PA. Although he is fairly new but he has already proved his worth from his recent music releases. His recent release “Savage Life” is impressive. Lets have a chat with him. Twist Online : Our[…]