MendelMink releases ‘Directions’


MendelMink is a talented artist with a passion for bringing out something extra ordinary for music lovers. And  his recent release ‘Directions’ is something that will impress any music lover or critic. Track is available on spotify. If you love to listen to good inspiring music then this one is[…]

An exclusive interview with singer & Songwriter Tyller James


This week in our interview section we are having an interview with young and talented R&B singer and songwriter Tyller James. He is from Bethlehem, Pennysylvania. And he has deep love and passion for music and takes music as inspiration. He want his music to be heard because he thinks[…]

The multi-talented DJ Mena


Known as “Hong Kong version of Fan Bingbing”, she loves travel, food, watching movies, running, and learning to arrange music and singing skills. She started learning to brush the dishes more than two years ago. She has been invited to perform DJ guest activities all over the world, including Malaysia,[…]

Hello World by Bianca M.


Bianca M. is an independent singer and composer. She has been impressing her fans and music critics with her singing abilities and composing skills. Her vision is to enhance people’s lives through music, art, inspiration, creativity and self-expression! With her music she want to create positive change in the world,[…]

Let’s meet Grant Smith, an army man with deep love for music


Today on our Hot Seat we have a talented musician Grant Smith with us. Let’s have a chat with us. Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers. Grant Smith : Howdy! I’m Grant Smith, a musician from Fairland, Oklahoma, currently serving in the US Army.[…]