♅ GR∆V3☦ROBB∆ ♆ Releases New Track “OC”


Soundcloud dark house artist, GR∆V3ROBB∆ has released a new track titled “OC”. The EDM/House track has some devilish and dark vibes to the track, and is executed so well. the true front runner of #FUNERALCULT music collective You must check out the track, it’s worth listening

Young and talented Alyssa Colón drops another hot single “I’m Gucci”


Alyssa Colón is a young New York-based talented and inspiring singer and songwriter who is impressing the world with her music skill and talent in this young age. Even though she is only 16 but listening to her tracks you can already feel a mature and professional touch in her lyrics[…]

d dukes interview

A conversation with a talented rapper D Dukes


D Dukes produces hip hop, rap and freestyle music which is more about storytelling. It is warm, inspirational, and the best thing about it is that it is upbeat. Here is our recent interview with D Dukes. Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your[…]

Devaki Deshpande

Interview with a talented upcoming playback singer Devaki Deshpande


Devaki Deshpande is a young, upcoming playback singer who is making waves in the Indian music industry. The latest Marathi song of the promising newcomer has just been released, and it is titled “Re Sakhya”. The song has been composed by Priya. We are sharing our recent interview with her.[…]

Nick Trees – Vines Regrowth (ft. Dansonn)


Nick Trees a diy musician from Colorado Springs, CO has recently released a music video Vines Regrowth. The tree symbolizes growth, prosperity, struggle, character, branches of life, beauty, and things which we cannot fully comprehend. Nick Trees wants to be as vibrant and wise as the tree. This music video[…]