Highly skilled and multi-talented Chris Sheldon


Chris Sheldon is a music producer/engineer from the West Midlands. His passion for music first started during mid teens where he began to experiment with mixing music after purchasing his first set of mixing decks. His inspiration came from the early UK Garage, Speed Garage & Bassline House genre and[…]


Rewind & Relive with DEJAM VOO


At Dejam Voo they write about music and memories. They also curate dope Spotify playlists. A few standout songs became stories turned playlists that loosely stitch together not only our musical identities, but who we are as people: sights, sounds, even smells personal to our experiences. Dejamvoo is where Neil[…]


Interview with a talented hip-hop artist ‘Jaron Marquis’


Born and raised in the Midwest of Indianapolis, Jaron Marquis is quickly growing a cult-like following of fans that are selling out shows. This summer 17′ Jaron Marquis has released his long awaited album, Murdered My Excuses, which features the singles, Finally and a slew of underground hits. We recently[…]


Shannon K recent release “Perpetual” is impressive !!


Shannon K is a 16 year old singer who was born in India. Her father Kumar Sanu is a highly regarded and award winning singer in Bollywood. So the music was in her soul. She learned Kathak dance and just at the age of 4 she performed on stage. She[…]


Artist EØN c h i l l releases new album “Memories And Dreams”


EØN c h i l l is a talented lofi Hip Hop artist from Chicago. He has just released his debut album “Memories And Dreams”. The album includes 7 tracks that play in a non-stop mix format. His musical style incorporates elements of lofi hip hop and chillwave.  Influences for[…]