Interview with Dress Code about his new EP ‘Underground’


This week in our interview section we will be having an interview with Derek Holley who writes and performs dance music as the band name Dress Code. His style combines EDM with rock and funk influences. He has recently released a new EP titled “Underground” and it’s available on all[…]

The Roving Apatosaurus impresses with music video of ‘Calypso’


After successful release of music video of “John Deere Green” by The Roving Apatosaurus now they have come up with an exciting number the music video of the track ‘Calypso’. Previously our readers praised and liked the music video of “John Deere Green”. That’s why we kept on following The[…]

The Goodbad release a new single ‘Tower’


Just came across a very excitement number ‘Tower’ by The Goodbad. Music, lyrics  vocals, everything has been done exceptionally well. That’s the reason behind sharing this single with our readers here. Check it out, you will love it.

Polo 500 – Glad I Never Gave Up


  Polo 500 has recently released music video of the track Glad I Never Gave Up. The video is Directed by Masters of Art “MOA”. Slab Music II Coming soon !! For more news and updates you can follow @XMASTERSOFARTX @THE_REAL_POLO500

Asher Cochláin talks about his project ‘White Robot’


Today in our interview section we have Asher Cochláin with us, the man behind the dark folk project White Robot. Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers. Asher Cochláin : I’m Asher Cochláin, I was born exactly 15 years after Martin Luther King Jr was[…]