Sofie Elezaj releases her “Dream”


Sofie Elezaj an independent singer/songwriter has recently released a track titled “Dream”. Talking about the track she says,” I’ve come to learn that its not enough having a “dream”, being an unsigned independent singer / song writer, born in Sweden raised on New York I have to do it all![…]

“Bank Heist” an impressive track by Music producer Ronnie Vinston

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We recently came across Boomerang an album by music producer Ronnie Vinston. A very talented producer having good professional work on his credits. This Album is one of these. The album ‘ Boomerang ‘consists of 11 tracks. We surely found versatility and professionalism throughout this album. Going through all the[…]

How to buy a kilo…part 1 by king atg


“When 3 young men are tired of working hard and not living the lavish life they want they turn to illegal thinking and contemplate on buying a kilo of cocain.” Yes that’s the theme of the new track by King atg titled “How to buy a kilo”. Pretty interesting and[…]

A conversation with MC/music producer D-CYPL


We ares sharing our recent interview with Christopher “D-CYPL” Collins, a NJ Based MC/Producer. Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers. D-CYPL : I am D-CYPL a MC/music producer for many genres. Along with producing I am half of the duo Jersey Advocates which includes[…]