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davajeya foster

A Conversation with an Upcoming Artist Davajeya Foster

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Twist Online : First Tell us a little about your past and start of your music career.
Davajeya : I was fond of basketball. As a kid the typical thing to do is sports and that was me. I started music just three years ago. I recorded a song with my homeboy in his closet. We received good feedback from the song and from there I was inspired to find myself musically, and continue creating

Twist Online : Do you write your own lyrics?
Davajeya : Yes I do write my own lyrics. I have to. Only I know how I’m feeling at that moment

Twist Online : Is there someone you are inspired of?
Davajeya : There is. My all time favorite artist is Andre 3000. I love his creativity. I was inspired by Isaiah Rashad to create my first project “jabos demo” found on audiomack.

Twist Online : Do you work according to plans to achieve your goals?
Davajeya : I do work to achieve my goals. Don’t we all? If you don’t have goals in life you’re perfect for the drive thru window.

Twist Online : Tell us more about you songs?
Davajeya : Majority of my songs on this project were influenced by southern artist or references. Of course you’ll hear my child hood synopsis but I felt paying dues to southern legends was imperative.

Twist Online : What is your favorite Music genre? Hip-hop, Jazz, rock, pop or ?
Davajeya : I’m stuck between R&B and Jazz. My favorite sound is the saxophone & my favorite jazz musician is Charlie Parker. Then you have R&B. R&B solves all of my problems and gets me through the day.

Twist Online : What is the motivation behind your work?
Davajeya : honestly, it’s more inspiration than motivation. I do music because I love it. I respect the art. I really just want to see a balance in hip hop. That’s what my music brings. Trap music is fine but it’s too much of it. We need a balance.

Twist Online : Any project you are working on? When it will be released?
Davajeya : I released my first project march 29th (my birthday) on audiomack titled “jabos demo”. I’m pretty much doing a lot of promotion on that and letting the project sink in before I start any new material. We also have a new music video coming out towards the end of the summer.

Twist Online : How can someone follow you online?
Davajeya : you can follow me on Twitter, Soundcloud, & Instagram

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