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A conversation with Griffiths Records label owner Lewis Griffiths


We are sharing our recent interview with Griffiths Records label owner Lewis Griffiths.

Twist Online : First of all introduce yourself to our readers.
Lewis Griffiths : Introduce ourselves? Honesty I don’t know what to say really that is of a matter of interest. You can find out more on our social media sites, griffithsclothing on Instagram, griffclothing on Twitter or Griffiths Records on Facebook. The Facebook page has our website addresses in the info section.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to launch Griffiths Records?
Lewis Griffiths : Nothing inspired us to launch a record label. I suppose it was off the back of the clothing side of the business. Most people will dress to a certain style they are into which 9 times out of 10 is related to the music they’re diggin. For us it was a natural progression leading on from the clothing. I said in a recent interview that music and clothing is a street, working class thing. Those that know, know.

Twist Online : What makes your record label different from others?
Lewis Griffiths : In a word honesty and what we say we will follow it through! We wont bullshit or tolerate it, it is what it is. Not saying that every label out there is dishonest but there are a lot that are. I cannot think on any occasion that we have said we would do something and not delivered the goods unless we have parted ways with a band. Those ingredients sets us out from the crowd.

Twist Online : What kind of music do you normally make?
Lewis Griffiths : Quality music that pleases the soul.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent releases?
Lewis Griffiths : Bands have come and gone but one that stands out is Terry Shaughnessy who is an immense talent. We released Terry’s LP ‘Songs From Another Life’. The first track off the album for release was ‘Volcano’. It went on to chart in the top 10 of itunes, top 60 of the national charts, #1 in the industry recognized Hype Charts above no other than Damon Albarn who was in at #2, it charted in Germany, Italy and Japan etc. A lot of hard graft went into the release by ourselves, Terry and his switched on manager Chris. I think a lot of people looked at us as a flash in the pan, it was satisfying to see the final results and proving the doubters wrong, most of who don’t know there arse from their elbow. More recently we have managed to get our hands on previously unreleased tracks by by Bob Marley, Jackie Mittoo, King Stitt, Augustus Pablo, as well as further King Tubby tracks, plus other artists. All of which needs going through with a fine tooth comb with the artists estates. I still have to pinch myself with what we have on our hands. From listening to that style of music from an early age and now releasing them is madness in its finest form. Having a love of early Jamaican music I count ourselves blessed.

Twist Online : What kind of response have you received so far?
Lewis Griffiths : Depends how you gauge it really. I wouldn’t be one to check how well or how shit we are doing. If people are buying it and digging it that is a bonus, if they don’t, so be it. Reality is we know it is mustard, that is all that matters.

Twist Online : We also saw some nice clothing for sale on your website. Would you tell us a little about that?
Lewis Griffiths : Yes, if you go to the Griffiths-Clothing website you can buy whatever you like. Joking aside, we have a new range coming out which has been sat in boxes for I don’t know how long. We’ve finally got around to taking the photos which are now being edited for the new site which is being built. We are steering away slightly from the range previously and heading towards the football casuals style of clothing. We sell more to those that stand on the terraces than anywhere else so it makes sense.

Twist Online : Are you currently working on any other projects?
Lewis Griffiths : We are. Apart from the clothing range we have a few more books which are set for release this year, we are in talks with a couple of short films/docs as well as a releasing the unheard tracks. Plenty to get on with!

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