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Another exclusive interview with Nicholas Gill now in Majorca World Wide Radio !!


This show will discuss not just the entertainment industry but other aspects of business as a whole.  Also we will talk about current events, sports, conduct interviews with special guests and more.

Today we talk to a young man who discovered a skill that he had, conducted research and proceeded to create a company around it.  Find out what that is by tuning into the show or listen to the replay now.

Businessman Mr. Gill is the founder of 3 companies his very first company he started when he was younger, then his second company InPulsed and then he began building his newspaper in London, Gill is also a model and signed a contract with Burberry recently and he explains how difficult it was to get into that industry.

Mr Gill is incredible role model for the new generation, this is my second interview with the incredible Mr. Gill and I’m honored to have him talking again on the show. He has recently had many other interviews this month and I think this will be his 7th interview so I am happy he has the time to speak on the show today.

Gill is definitely the kind of person who travels when I was speaking to him last he was in Spain on his boat, and now he is in Majorca he travels to his main company which is based in Portugal while his newspaper is based in London while InPulsed is also based in London.

Another Exclusve Interview with Nicholas Gill by world wide radio

Nicholas Gill is a young business owner you need to know!!! 08/11 by IMTM … › 2018/08/11

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