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Javon Play Came Out Of the Closet Changed His Name and Begs His Fans “Save My Sex-Life”

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Artist Ahmad Javon Lane who does not seem to be happy with the way the music industry is treating him has recently decided to quit music and has come out of the closet endorsing gay marriage and is repeatedly quoted to be saying, “save my sex life.” The artist seems to be so pumped and enthusiastic about his new purpose that he even changed his social media name to “A Same Sex Bachelor.” Javon has already started to garner immense following regarding his cause and his expecting thousands and millions of his fans to join hands with him and speak in behalf of gay marriage. The artist has also been seen calling out his fans and friends at a part called Bomb Shelter that he is about to host in the coming weeks. According to him, it’s going to be a 5 day party and is going to be a memorable one.

Same sex marriage is still a matter of dispute and concern in some states across the US and a large number of people still seem to be against it. Looking at the way gay people are treated in some places, Javon play has decided to speak for them by using his influence over thousands of fans and followers of his. The artist is repeatedly sharing statuses and posts endorsing homosexuality and gay marriage so that more and more people could be able to see and join the cause. After performing for several years and coming up with hits like “xoxo” and “play,” the artist has garnered immense popularity among his music listeners. Even though he does not seem to be much interested in pursuing music but he sure as hell want to perform for his fans joining him in his private parties and events.
According to his social media posts, the artist seems to be looking for a perfect partner and claims his same sex marriage to be the biggest of them all. Javon play calls himself an ambassador for black LGB identities and claims to do everything he can in his power to help and support gay marriage. He seems to have no problem with this matter and is more than happy with the US government’s decision to lift all sorts of bans regarding same sex marriage. As far as his personal life is concerned, Javon Play has been seem inviting people on dates via his social media profile and claims to give them a good time. He doesn’t seem to be having a problem spending on limousines and expensive food.

According to the artist, relationship between the same sexes is as pure and genuine as it is with straight relationships. He doesn’t seem to be having any problem with that and strongly believes that the world should finally realize the importance of freedom and come out of their closets and speak up for same sex marriage.

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