Urbano band’s debut Album”Royal Family” is winning hearts


Urbano Band consists of songwriter and music artist brother and sister from suburbs of Philadelphia. Royal Family is their debut Album as a band. They have been working on “Royal Family” for about three years. And after this fruitful effort here it is a fabulous outcome “Royal Family”. They have[…]

Joukz Perion

Lets meet a talented artist and songwriter ‘Joukz Perion’


Today on our Hot Seat we have Joukz Perion, a talented artist and songwriter. Lets have a chat with him. Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into rapping? Joukz Perion : My name is Joukz Perion I started a[…]

Aaron M. Williams

Interview with Gospel Recording Artist Rev. Aaron M. Williams


We are sharing here a recent interview with gospel recording artist Aaron Williams. First of all, do tell our readers about the start of your music career? My career started early, singing in the living room at grandma’s house, with my aunts, and on the church choir. Did having a[…]

Ophelia Dore – An exciting entry into the music arena


We are sharing here our conversation with Ophelia Dore. She might be considered a relevantly new artist in the industry but she has been creating music from last few years and also got expertise in playing harp.  So she is an exciting entry into the music arena. Twist Online : Please[…]