Macy Medford

Macy Medford Released The Teaser Of Her Upcoming Music Video I’m Done


Macy Medford is a very talented and beautiful artist from Katy, Texas. In collaboration with InPlay Records (She has been signed by them in 2013) she has been working really hard on her music and in the result she has finally come up with a melodious songĀ  I’M DONE. You[…]

Chayah Miranda

Lets Meet A Multi-Talented Artist Chayah Miranda

Blog Interviews

Today in our interview section we will be interviewing a very talented artist Chayah (pronounced “kai-yah”) Miranda. You will surely love her conversation with us. Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your music career. Chayah Miranda : I come from a very musical family[…]

The Rising Star Of This Week – Destiny Malibu

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In our this week’s Rising Artists section we will be covering “Destiny Malibu”. In a very short span of time due to her melodious voice and sheer talent she has started to achieve, what she was made for. Getting top of charts, ranking higher and getting more exposure is what[…]

Joe Blessett

Joe Blessett Continues To Prove His Talent Through His Music


Joe Blessett is a Multi-talented artist, who tried his hand at being an entertainer and realized his own limitations. He no longer performs live shows, but he still loves creating Jazz, to RnB, Smooth Jazz to Fusion, experimental recordings.Working from his private studio for his own record label and publishing[…]