GRAMz interview

Interview with a talented hip-hop artist GRAMz


The hip-hop sensation known as GRAMz is Joliet, Illinois based artist who started getting into the hip-hop game as a 12 year old prodigy. Today at the age of 25, GRAMz Is successfully building his audience as a professional rapper with his own label CSC Records in partnership with Priority[…]

White Night band

An Interview with White Night Band


White Night is an alternative electro-pop band based in both Berlin and San Francisco. The German-American duo draws inspiration from 1980’s pop, classical music, contemporary-classical music, and jazz. The members, Willi Leinen and Elizabeth Boardman, in addition to being songwriters and producers, are classically trained musicians who perform on guitar[…]

Jae Druitt

A Conversation With Rapper Jae Druitt


‘Work Hard Live Well’ is the motto used by young Mount Druitt rapper Jae Druitt. Born in 1988 to a Scottish mother and Australian father things weren’t easy for this young man and he had a tough early life. In the year 2000 Jae decided to start rapping. Loose cannons[…]


Emusi App – A Fun Way To Express Yourself To Your Contact

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Smartphones have made our life easier and more interesting. Their was a time when conveying a message of greetings was a tough ask. But its not anymore. Particularly with the help of apps like ‘Emusi”.  This app was launched in autumn 2016. Created by critically acclaimed composer- lyricist Lynn Portas.[…]