Fame Johnson talks about his life and upcoming music


Fame Johnson is an artist with a truly unique approach: his sound combines the punch of hip-hop with the soulfulness of R&B, featuring amazingly catchy hooks and great lyrics that hit the mark. Originally from California, Fame recently moved to Texas, where he eventually discovered his passion for making music,[…]


Lets meet a very talented and passionate artist JayyTheKidd


Today on our Hot Seat we have a talented and passionate artist JayyTheKidd with us. Lets have a chat with him. Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers. JayyTheKidd : Alright, I’m jayyTheKidd and I’m a underground artist from Soundcloud who goals is to change the world of[…]


A conversation with Guinevere Q from The Wyatt Act


We recently had a conversation with The Wyatt Act. Guinevere Q responded on the behalf of The Wyatt Act. Twist Online : How did “The Wyatt Act” start? The Wyatt Act : Guinevere Q and Jason Young Sun have been hosting open mics and variety shows around San Francisco for[…]


One Producer to Keep Your Eye On | Foreign Warren


“[…] awful, and yet, like watching a car crash video on YouTube, painfully captivating” – GQ.com Foreign Warren of The Knuckledusters unapologetically puts in his Soundcloud bio, “Seriously not taking music seriously”, and it shows. He’s no stranger to viral videos; last year he produced an EDM remix of Damn[…]