G.Swendsen releases ‘Destined 4 Change’


Talented music artist G.Swendsen releases an album titled releases ‘Destined 4 Change’. It also features Decimus. It’s a 4 track album that with melodious tone, you will surely love it. check it out.

Let’s meet talented & inspiring music duo N2BLÜ


We recently had a conversation with music duo N2BLÜ . Jonathan Arceneaux answered our questions on the behalf of his music duo N2BLÜ. Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers. Jonathan Arceneaux : We are Jonathan Arceneaux and Kostantin Smorodnikov. Together we are N2BLÜ. Twist[…]

Brad Geiger releases music album Roman Revolutionaries – Beach Day

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 Brad Geiger is a musical artist that engages listeners with sounds originating from a wide variety of influences. Rock & Roll, Dance, Hip Hop,  Classical and Jazz music all deepen his sound palate and provide spirits that he evokes with his vibrant songwriting. Brad Geiger has released a musical album[…]

LoudBoyCooley talks about his love & passion for music


Today on our Hot Seat we have hip hop artist LoudBoyCooley with us. Let’s have a chat with him. Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers. LoudBoyCooley : Well hello all, I’m LoudBoyCooley, Hip Hop and RnB artist coming out of the Dmv area. If[…]

An Exclusive Interview with Music artist Kidd Cutta


We are sharing our recent interview with Norfolk, VA based artist Joe aka Kidd Cutta. Twist Online : You have seen tough time in your early age, What kind of effect your past has on your music? Kidd Cutta : A big affect. It made me want to do music[…]