King Femi releases a new single titled ‘Young Queens’

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Atlanta, GA based Hip-Hop/Rap artist King Femi has been releasing some top notch tracks since last few months. He is a kind of artist who believes in Versatility and uniqueness of style. Rather then sticking with similar moods, he comes up with something different each time. Let’s take his last[…]

Talented and inspiring pop artist Brianna Shelko


Brianna Shelko, an award-winning pop artist outside of Atlanta GA, the 7-minute songwriter, has proven once again that storytelling through songs can create fans from all over to come together for a common love, music. Recently, the talented singer/songwriter personally experienced inspiration that would soon catapult her latest single, “I[…]

Mollyboi 500

Interview with rapper Mollyboi 500


Today on our Hot Seat we have a talented rap artist Mollyboi 500 with us. Let’s have a chat with him. Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers. Mollyboi 500 : I’m Mollyboi 500! I’m about to be the next big Rap Artist from my[…]

Musica Monica Feaster releases ‘Never Give Up Hope’


Honolulu, Hawaii, October 4 2019, introducing the newest single release from Musica Monica Feaster ‘Never Give Up Hope (Radio Version)’ Ms. Feaster is a multi-talented Producer/Artist who has delivered a powerful World beat/Dance mix of her song. She has written it in support of the high suicide rates worldwide. Every[…]

Interview with Hip Hop Artist BFlame


We are sharing our recent interview with BFlame, an American Midwest Hip hop Artist, that has caught Fire delivering smash Hits that you can vibe to without effort. His style is more than rapping or singing and autotunes, and more than just lyrical Hip Hop. BFLAME has incredible word play[…]