A Conversation With An Upcoming Rap Artist “K Shaw”

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Today on our Hot Seat we have an upcoming Rap Artist “K Shaw”. Lets chat with him. Twist Online: Our readers would like to know about the start of your career K Shaw: I got my career started at a homies house freestyling in his bedroom and before i knew[…]

Ricky Freezer - Powerband (Braap Braap)

Ricky Freezer – Powerband (Braap Braap) feat. Phreschemakers


Ricky Freezer is a Hip-Hop artist out of Indianapolis, Indiana having a deep love for off-road racing. And in case you are one of those who love the mud life, PowerBand Braap Braap is a fresh sensation for you. Ricky Freezer has done exceptional work in making of this video[…]


Eyeslow Jones talks about his life and music career

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Today on our Hot Seat we have Eyeslow Jones. Lets have a chat. Twist Online : First tell us about your early life and start of your music career briefly. Eyeslow Jones : I would say that my early life has had a lot of obstacles. from dropping out of[…]


Our recent conversation with very talented “Will Ready”

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We recently had conversation with a very experienced and talented artist Will Ready. You will surely enjoy the conversation. Twist Online : First tell us about the start of your music career briefly. Will Ready :  It’s wild, I started out in a dance group I put together called Captain[…]

Madelyn Victoria

“He Only Loves Me On The Dance Floor” by Madelyn Victoria


Texas country artist Madelyn Victoria plays the guitar, writes the lyrics & melody to all her songs, and collaborates with her brother and other musicians to write the accompanying music. Madelyn not only has a passion for singing and songwriting, but for helping others and donating her time to the[…]