A Conversation with up and coming Hip Hop Artist Godfada


Godfada is a talented up and coming artist whose recent EP “Boss” we also covered as well. On the request of some of our readers we have him for a quick chat today. Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers. Godfada : Hello I’m The Godfada American hip[…]


A Conversation with Music Producer Shemaiah A. Reed


Shemaiah A. Reed is a music producer from San Antonio, TX is known for his chill and R&B vibes. I.A.L.B.B. project from 2013 was his first release and now his recent project “Forgiveness” highlights another smooth ballad with a female vocalist singing over his instrumental. We are sharing our recent[…]

Noemi Smorra

New music video by Noemi Smorra, “This Song”


Noemi Smorra has just released the video of her single This Song. The clip has been entirely recorded in Berlin by the multi-awarded Italian filmmaker and fashion photographer Livia Alcalde, with the participation of Raphael Vom Berg and Frederica Taby Lee. It deals, elegantly and soberly in black and white,[…]