Mike ADHD impresses with his latest release “The Storm”


Very talented and highly skilled music artist Mike ADHD has recently released a music video titled “The Storm”. Its a nice video with high quality vocals by Mike. Before we take you to the actual video, lets know more about Milke ADHD. Mike ADHD was raised in Long Island, New[…]

Toronto rapper Shah – trapped in America


It’s been a while since we heard about Shah and we finally know why. You might remember our piece on him from back in October about his video Pay Day 71. He had just arrived in Atlanta and he’s spent the last several months there, first with Pay Day 71[…]

Young Florida Millennials


Huffington post editor predicted The following 10 young inspiring individuals will make the Forbes list before there 30 years old and each individual is from Florida! Julian Michaels – Jupiter, FL Ashley Konrad – Orlando, FL Corneil McIntosh – Key West, FL Fernando Cruz – Fort Lauderdale, FL Jisette Diaz[…]

3 Famous Singers Who Lost Massive Weight


A lot of people admire how popular singers look. Most of the singers have perfect body shapes which many would die to have. There is an assumption that some of the ‘hottest’ musicians were born like that. This is false because a good number of them have gone through a[…]

How Music Can Improve Your Diet, Fitness, and Weight Loss


Music is not only relaxing to the soul but can also help you keep a healthy lifestyle. Have you ever listened to your favorite genre of music while jogging or at the gym? If you have you know how music can keep you going when you are almost giving up.[…]