Searching for Silence An Inspirational Charity Single by David Johnston


Searching of Silence is an inspiring charity single written by David Johnston. The single that is being released next week to raise money for the 11,000,000 people affected by the Syrian conflict. Funds raised are being split 50/50 between Médecins Sans Frontières & A Village In Syria. Two charities ‘David[…]

A Conversation with AggronympH Band


AggronympH (abbreviated AGN) is a Bangladeshi band, formed in 2009 in Dhaka, Bangladesh but now based in Yichang, Hubei, China. When the band formed, they were known as Biothroes. In 2011, they changed the name to AggronympH. AggronympH released their first song in an International Band Compilation entitled ‘Crossing The Borders’[…]

Check Out the Music Video of John Born’s Song “Powers”


Musician, Song Writer, Artist John Born always comes up with something out of box. His recently released music video of his song ‘Powers’ is a perfect example of what he is up to. He is no doubt a talented musician and an inspiring songwriter. This short video of his song[…]


Up and Coming Artist Qifi Talks About His Love For Music


Qifi, is taking the internet by storm with his striking, unique sound. DJ-ing for three years, Qifi now hopes to start taking on music festivals. His latest single “Come Up” was released in November 2016 to growing success. We are sharing here our recent interview with Qifi. Twist Online :[…]