URBANO talks about their recent release ‘Are You? ‘


Philadelphia brother and sister pop/hip hop duo. Combined by singer Marisa Urbano and rapper John Urbano, the group capitalizes on clever lyricism and upbeat hooks. Releasing their second single entitled, Are You? – along with 11 remixes of the single from Grammy producer StoneBridge, as well as DJ Kue, Axel[…]

Donnell Hicks impresses with latest song “How Far”


We recently came across a beautiful track by Donnell Hicks titled “How Far “. It was so touchy and inspiring that we couldn’t resist but share it here with our readers. Its a very melodious love song ballet sung in R&B style. Vocals are done by Donnell Hicks & Leah Kowalski. Song[…]

“Booty Call” by upcoming pop artist E-EYE’S is awesome !


E-EYE’S! is a very talented upcoming pop artist who has recently (on April 22nd ) released a single “Booty Call”  ! The song is about giving your all to someone and they betrayed you and you know deep down inside the person who left you for another person is using that[…]

Interview with Singer & Songwriter Jerrod Brosean


Today on our Hot Seat we have a talented artist ‘Jerrod Brosean’. Lets have a chat with him. Twist Online : First of all introduce yourself to our readers. Jerrod Brosean : My name is Jerrod Brosean and I’m officially checking in like ya boyfriend. I’m a singer/songwriter from Magee,[…]

Conversation with Dancehall and Reggae Artist John-Marc Lucid


Here is our recent interview with TexTexas, USA based Dancehall and Reggae artist John-Marc Lucid. Twist Online : First of all introduce yourself to our readers. John-Marc Lucid : Hi,  this is John-Marc Lucid. Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry? John-Marc Lucid : Good[…]