MK Underwood

MK Underwood A Multi Talented Artist

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This week we are sharing our conversation with MK Underwood.  A multi talented artist who has done modeling , show management, music and much more in professional career. Twist Online: First, tell us a little about the start of your professional life? Mk Underwood: I’ve been singing anywhere I could,[…]


Meek : The Best Christian Music, Radio & podcasts App


Meek is a new innovation in the music related apps. Using this web app you can listen to top Christian Radio, Podcasts and News from around the world. Basically its a web app for Christians called “Meek” which provides the best Christian podcasts on a wide range of topics organized[…]

Danielle Morgan

Danielle Morgan A Highly Talented Music Artist

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It was an interesting conversation with Danielle Morgan a brilliant musician and a highly skilled song writer. We are sharing it here with our readers. Twist Online: Firstly, tell us a little about the start of your music career. Danielle Morgan: I first started music through acting and drama. This[…]


“Can’t Stop Loving You” A beautiful Single by Beckwith

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Listen to this beautiful single by Beckwith. His melodious voice and perfectly written lyrics will make you listen to this single again and again. Currently its video is released on YouTube. If you want to download it. The single will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music and Tidal on[…]

USA Freedom Kids

Interview with USA Freedom Kids

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As we had promised few days back that we will be sharing interview with USA Freedom Kids here. So here it is. Twist Online : What is theory behind the name “USA Freedom Kids” ? USA Freedom Kids : USA is for the greatest country on earth! Freedom, our middle[…]