Tripp Denom

Music artist Tripp Denom and his love for music !


Here is our interview with music artist Tripp Denom who has created his own self proclaimed music genre stoner indie. Please introduce yourself to our readers: Alright well, I’m Tripp Denom I am an artist, musical artist my genre is primarily Stoner Indie. Stoner Indie is a fusion of a lot of[…]

An Interview with Stone Mob’s guitarist Blaine Kaltman


We recently had an interview with Blaine Kaltman the guitarist of Stone Mob band. Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your music career? Blaine Kaltman : It’s kind of hard to say where it started. I’ve always wanted to make music and I’ve been writing songs[…]

Cracka Lack interview

Multi-talented Cracka Lack talks about his life and music


Cracka Lack is a Music Producer, Studio Engineer, Videographer and Entrepreneur from Lansing, MI . We recently had an interview with him about his music and life. Here it is. Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your music career?. Cracka Lack : I’m 28 now. I[…]


Conversation with alternative hip-hop artist GRVE


Today on our Hot Seat we have an alternative hip-hop artist GRVE (Mike) with us. He is based in South Florida, just released first EP titled Mending Season. Lets have a chat with him. Twist Online : Hi, Please introduce yourself to our readers. Mike : I’m GRVE, pronounced “Grave”, but[…]


Lets Meet A Young & Talented Producer and DJ Spectrum


Scott aka Spectrum is a 19 Years old  music producer / DJ from North West London. His first release, ‘I Trusted You’ featuring Dora Davis became his first success, gaining attention from a wide range of DJs, as well as acquiring a larger audience for himself. He recently played Ministry of[…]