Interview with ‘EClemz’ a lyricist, rapper and drummer


‘Solo Life’ is the debut single by EClemz, an 18 year old Long Island-based rapper. EClemz was born Evan Declemente, is from Floral Park, NY and music has been in his blood from an early age. He is a lyricist, rapper and also an avid drummer. We are sharing our[…]


Mark’s latest EP ‘Portrait’ is a real master piece


MARK’s first Pop studio effort “Portrait”, includes some of the best producers, like grammy-nominated and multi-platinum mix engineer Benny Steele, Daniel Mizrahi, Lejon Lewis and Christin Fiore, to construct the perfect sound from top to bottom to fit MARK’s deep lyrical world. Containing five songs featuring the singles “#LA” and[…]


A conversation with talented artist ‘Daniel’


Daniel is a Salzburg Austria based artist who has been into the music from a very early age. Van Daan is his most recent project. We had a conversation with him recently, that we are sharing with you here. Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers? Daniel :[…]


Jesse Man The Boss shares all about his professional life


Today on our Hot Seat we have Jesse who goes by the name ‘Jesse Man The Boss’. A very enthusiastic and passionate artist who worked really hard on the road to success. We would like to ask him about his work and professional life. Lets have chat with him. Twist[…]


Meet the up and coming artist ‘Dr.Kush’


We are sharing with you our latest conversation with a very talented artist Dr.Kush. Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers? Dr.Kush : I am Dr.Kush a.k.a Parth Suden, I am from Rajasthan, India. I was born n raised in a small town called Sri[…]