Checkout the War Paint by Chasing Jonah


Singer-songwriter Ashley Dudukovich, Chasing Jonah is a Florida based alternative / indie rock project. She recently released her Music video ‘War Paint’. Not only the music is beautifully composed but the video is perfectly made as well. What a unique idea and theme of the music video. This is definitely[…]


Smokii Smalls Pays Tribute To His ‘Mamma’


Eddie known by the artist name Smokki Smalls has been making music for a little over a year now. Recently on the third anniversary of his mother he has released a new song “Mamma”. We had a conversation with him on his new release as well as on his life,[…]


A Conversation With Highly Talented Producer ‘ImaShiine”

Blog Interviews

We are sharing here our recent conversation with a talented and experienced Music producer Terry Landers known by the name ImaShiine. Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career? ImaShiine :  I can say I started making my music on a professional level[…]


Let’s Rock and Roll with ‘Year Of October’

Blog Interviews

We recently interviewed Rock and Roll band ‘Year Of October’. Representing his band Josh Sullivan replied our questions. We are sharing here our conversation. Twist Online : What was inspiration behind starting the band? Year Of October : Phlecia and I started writing music together and decided that we should[…]