Alexi Armandsen

A Conversation With Multi-talented Artist Alexi Armandsen


Singer, Host and DJ, ALEXI ARMANDSEN is something of an underdog when it comes to the music world. He started off as more of a manager of artist than a performer himself—until he boldly stepped into the music scene in 2007 to end in 2012 as a Vocalist Deejay. Recently[…]

An Exclusive Conversation With Very Talented Mr. Leon


Today on our Hot Seat we have Mr. Leon, a very talented up and coming artist. He has been attached to music since a very young age. And the time has polished him into a highly skilled musician. Let’s have a chat with him. Twist Online : Please introduce yourself[…]

Pierce Alexander

Let’s Meet A Naturally Talented Piano Artist ‘Pierce Alexander’


We recently interviewed a very talented and skilled piano artist Pierce Alexander.  He is naturally skilled with Piano playing. Sharing our conversation with him here. Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers. Pierce Alexander : My name is Pierce Alexander Lilholt. I am a fun loving bonvivant! Twist[…]