David Arthur-Simons

Be Do Go Dare by David Arthur-Simons – A Combination of Music & Art


This song by David Arthur-Simons is a true combination of music and art. This song is a short click from his up-coming film (a documentary about his paintings) and soundtrack titled “356 days out of my Mind”. David Arthur-Simons is a nationality non-identified painter who has been living in New[…]


Conversation with a very talented artist “Vango”

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We recently had conversation with Anthony who as known as “Vango” in the music world. It was a very interesting conversation and Vango’s fans will come to know a lot more about him after reading this interview. Twist Online: First tell us a little about the starting of your music[…]

Christina Grimmie laid to rest

Christina Grimmie laid to rest


Today Christina Grimmie was laid to rest in a small funeral earlier then the arrival of mourners. It was announced that the funeral will take place on Friday but she was laid to rest privately a day before. And today in the respect of the mourners a memorial service was[…]