John Thacker

Its time to know more about John Thacker

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We recently interviewed John Thacker a singer and songwriter from Manchester UK. His album ‘Hear’ came out last year to a positive reception (iTunes), He recently released his first music video Fall Down. We really enjoy conversation with this talented artist. Here is what we got for you. Twist Online[…]

Seemore Bluntz

A Recent Interview With A Versatile Artist Seemore Bluntz

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Today we will be sharing recent interview with A Versatile Music Artist Seemore Bluntz. Q: How would you describe your music style? A. Versatile because there’s no telling which lane I’ll be coming from.¬† I’m like a jack of all trades. I’m very unpredictable, but when I hit you it’s[…]

Macy Medford

Macy Medford Released The Teaser Of Her Upcoming Music Video I’m Done


Macy Medford is a very talented and beautiful artist from Katy, Texas. In collaboration with InPlay Records (She has been signed by them in 2013) she has been working really hard on her music and in the result she has finally come up with a melodious song¬† I’M DONE. You[…]

Chayah Miranda

Lets Meet A Multi-Talented Artist Chayah Miranda

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Today in our interview section we will be interviewing a very talented artist Chayah (pronounced “kai-yah”) Miranda. You will surely love her conversation with us. Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your music career. Chayah Miranda : I come from a very musical family[…]