John Keenan the illusion of logic

Conversation With Hip-Hop Artist & Producer John Keenan

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Today on our Hot Seat we have hip hop artist/producer John Keenan. He released his third album last month. Lets ask him about his recent release and career. Twist Online : What inspired you to get into this industry? John Keenan :   I’ve always loved music of all kinds. It’s[…]


Lets meet upcoming pop artist “Lerumo”

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We recently interviewed a talented young pop artist “Lerumo” . His recently released music video “infectious” has been getting appreciation. That’s our conversation with him. Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your music career. Lerumo : It was a cool situation. I always loved[…]


A conversation with a versatile musician “Cirex”

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We recently interview “Cirex”. Cirex is a Puerto Rican solo project that combines metal with dubstep and industrial influences, embedded with guitars, created by Eric Ortz. And that’s our conversation with this talented artist. Twist Online : What inspired you to get into music industry? Cirex : The Music itself.[…]

candy red

Interview with multi talented DJ Candy Red

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Today on our Hot Seat we have DJ CANDY RED. Hailing from Texas, this becoming globally recognized Trap / Dub DJ / Producer is an all American 6 foot blonde; remarkably memorable and we cannot get enough. Her unique flare of heavy bass driven style of EDM is widely craved[…]

Interview with a talented artist Julian Kelly

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Recently we have interview “Julian Kelly” who has been featured in a number of national & international musical theater shows. She’s releasing a new album in 2 months which is very political and highlights problems within our society like violence and poverty. She is very talented artist. Below is her[…]