DJ VoyR Talks About His Music & Life

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Today on our hot seat we have a music producer and label head DJ VoyR. Lets have a chat ! Twist Online : Do tell us about start of you music career. DJ VoyR  : In 1989 I was introduced to house music in Chicago by overhearing a mix someone[…]


Conversation With An Exciting Artist Gaviana

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Today on our hot seat we have a very passionate and exciting artist Gaviana. Her recently released music video “Dedicated To You” is getting special attention from the music lovers. Let’s have chat with her. Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your music career.[…]

John Thacker

Its time to know more about John Thacker

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We recently interviewed John Thacker a singer and songwriter from Manchester UK. His album ‘Hear’ came out last year to a positive reception (iTunes), He recently released his first music video Fall Down. We really enjoy conversation with this talented artist. Here is what we got for you. Twist Online[…]

Seemore Bluntz

A Recent Interview With A Versatile Artist Seemore Bluntz

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Today we will be sharing recent interview with A Versatile Music Artist Seemore Bluntz. Q: How would you describe your music style? A. Versatile because there’s no telling which lane I’ll be coming from.  I’m like a jack of all trades. I’m very unpredictable, but when I hit you it’s[…]