Rick Habana talks about his track ‘Coast’


Today on our Hot Seat we have music producer and artist Rick Habana with us. Let’s have a chat with him. Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers. Rick Habana : I am a Music Producer/Smooth Jazz artist from Los Angeles with many years of[…]

Marton Juhasz impresses with his latest album ‘Discovery’

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We love good music and spare no opportunity of listening and reviewing any latest release. And the most recent one we came across is ‘Discovery’ by Marton Juhasz. Marton is exceptionally talented and naturally gifted drummer. Before moving on to the album let’s have an insight of his career till[…]

Upcoming artist DNORRI releases “Winning”


Upcoming artist by the name of DNORRI out of Charlotte, NC releases New single hip-hop/pop song called “Winning” . DNoRRi wrote the song about winning in life and enjoying the rewards that comes with grinding and never letting up on your dreams. You can follow DNoRRi on Twitter/Ig: DNORRI828 You[…]

Justin D. Marnezis release “Yes Men Cry”


In many a society, men are socialized to suppress their emotions, especially those brought by pain or loss. Crying is, thus, widely accepted as a feminine attribute but American singer/songwriter Justin D. Marnezis here to disprove this stereotypical notion. The Chicago-based musician and producer’s new single, “Yes Men Cry” draws from[…]

An interview with music artist Verde Rose


We are sharing our recent interview with music artist Verde Rose . Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers. Verde Rose : … hey readers, my name is Verde Rose, formerly known as Vito Cartier. I’m a 27 or 35 year old artist from Panama[…]