m.a.l.m.r. debuts with a beautiful track “Spacemaqn (Electric Avenue)”


Listen to the debut track from London electronic producer m.a.l.m.r. on Crossborder Records – Spacemaqn (Electric Avenue). m.a.l.m.r. blends unique vocals with retro synths, driving beats and glitch-ridden grooves to create a summery house sound and Spacemaqn is the first of a number of planned releases from m.a.l.m.r. in 2016.[…]


“Strike” is on with “Dasko”


Two talented musicians Frankie & Dave known as “Dasko” have recently come up with a unique and heart throbbing music “Strike”. Dasko has been recently working on some nice tunes and overall there music has a touch of uniqueness in it. And there recent release “Strike” is no doubt their[…]

andy vargas

Catch the Rhythm of Andy Vargas’ New Single “The Beat” This Summer!


“A Single that Captures the Sounds of a Sultry Artist with Passion, Rhythm and Soul” On August 8, 2016 Latin pop-soul singer Andy Vargas will be releasing his new single “The Beat”. Andy Vargas struck world-wide fame over a decade ago when he became the lead singer for the iconic[…]

Sample These Improvisations – Presented By Ben Williams


Listen to this beautiful music presented by B.E.N (Benjamin Ryan Williams ). It’s different from the routine properly composed music. But being different is the thing that will make you listen to it for the change and to feel the true spirit of music itself. “Sample These Improvisations” aims to[…]