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Want to buy Audio CDs, DVDs at $1 ?


Yes its true! In today’s era when everything is so much costly there is a site named DollarMisfit which sells media, audio CDs, DVDs and video games for $1.00 each. The site has fix price of $1 per item throughout their site. And there isn’t any limit of how many[…]

Back For Good – Hello Again EP (Mancha Recordings)


After a short break finally Mancha is back with a new release. This time it is an EP by Back For Good which is the alias of Matthias Speck, founder of Mancha Recordings. We hope you´ll enjoy the new 4-tracker. As we heard the Mancha guys promise not to wait[…]

MK Underwood

MK Underwood A Multi Talented Artist

Blog Interviews

This week we are sharing our conversation with MK Underwood.  A multi talented artist who has done modeling , show management, music and much more in professional career. Twist Online: First, tell us a little about the start of your professional life? Mk Underwood: I’ve been singing anywhere I could,[…]


Meek : The Best Christian Music, Radio & podcasts App


Meek is a new innovation in the music related apps. Using this web app you can listen to top Christian Radio, Podcasts and News from around the world. Basically its a web app for Christians called “Meek” which provides the best Christian podcasts on a wide range of topics organized[…]

Danielle Morgan

Danielle Morgan A Highly Talented Music Artist

Blog Interviews

It was an interesting conversation with Danielle Morgan a brilliant musician and a highly skilled song writer. We are sharing it here with our readers. Twist Online: Firstly, tell us a little about the start of your music career. Danielle Morgan: I first started music through acting and drama. This[…]