Personalized Gifts For Music Lovers

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Music and fashion are interconnected. You can’t point out even a single person particularly in youth who don’t have fashion craving as well. So for all music lovers and music artist we have brought something different today. Stylish, attractive and innovative personalized products. Just imagine yourself wearing a necklace with[…]


ET Boys impresses with their track titled “Something Love”


Music duo ET Boys releases track titled “Something Love”. The song belongs to Nu Pop music genre. The ET Boys is a music duo based on 2 brothers Tacboy and Sharkeyes. Sharkeyes is responsible for creating all the music for the tracks while Tacboy is the lead vocalist and lyricist.[…]

Spen Doe

California rap artist SpenDoe is still “SERVIN”


After dropping his Done Deal Digital debut ep, “SERVIN,” late last year, Bay Area-based artist¬†SpenDoe¬†is back with more music. The tracks he’s released since fourth quarter are “Foreign To Me,” “Winnin,” and “Lonely.” These are all great tracks, showcasing how SpenDoe can easily adapt to different sounds. Without getting ahead[…]

‘BBL’ by NatStar is impressive!


Multi-talented global artist NatStar has been impressive with his recent releases. Particularly his last release titled ‘Heat’ has been appreciated by music lovers. Now he has come up with another beautiful track titled BBL. The track is available across all major platforms.