Gene5is was born February 17, 1994. When she first heard Queen Latifah song “Unity” in elementary It was then she knew that she wanted to be the first female rapper from her town, Friars Point, Ms. She started writing songs with with two of her bestfriends. As the years evolve, she improved her craft, performing for talents ,friends, family, etc.
In high school, she recorded her first song on the computer to Young Jeezy ” Put on” and went from there. She recorded her first professional song with the producer Madd Scorp which was “Love my city” and “Problems (ky-mix)” . For while, she stop writing music because she thought she didnt have a passion for it any more, But her friends convinced her otherwise. And now she goes by this quote: “Change will not come if we wait for some other time or some other person”-Barack Obama

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