Jan Daley


Jan Daley, the triple threat singer, actress and songwriter started off as the “singing canary” in her early twenties on Bob Hope’s USO Tour and has performed with countless huge names in both the acting and singing world. Additionally, she also wore the crown as Miss California (yes, it was “Miss” back then!) while attending college.  However, music has remained her true passion. Greatness can be defined in many ways but Jan Daley defines it through the mastery of her dynamically eloquent vocal range. Jan delivers a songwriter’s lyrics in crisp, clear tones while moving along the scales with the utmost of ease and sincerity. She evokes a heartfelt expression of the soul from a life lived and lessons learned both old and new , which makes her so appealing to all audiences of contemporary jazz.

Recent Work

Her recent release The Way Of The Woman album features 10 other glorious tracks. Jan Daley’s latest full album and signature title track Way Of The Woman have debuted immediately skyrocketing to the top tier echelon of Billboards. More details

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