Zach Jorgensen, known by his stage name “Jorgey” is a Hip-Hop artist from Omaha, Nebraska. Living in a wheelchair due to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, making him unique as an artist. His music is inspired by his struggles and experiences, his haters and fans, and his future success. His goal is to change the world and inspire others with his positive vibe. Some artists that have influenced his style are 21 Savage, Logic, G-Eazy, Drake, and YBN Nahmir. He released his first song in early 2018 and has since released a mixtape and multiple singles. He is now focused on furthering his career and growing as an artist 

Recent Work

Currently promoting a submission for the No Sucka MCs 6 Hip-Hop Contest, which requires voting from fans. Fans are allowed to vote DAILY! Link to vote:

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