King Vickk


King Vickk is a talented artist born in Decatur Georgia as Victor Neysmith. He was really young when he first found that his passion for music even existed. His ability to write poetry soon started to develop. He is inspired by rappers such as Tupac Shakur, Biggie, Outcast, Goodie Mob, and mostly artists of that nature.

He grew up in the streets of Marietta. His mother was his mentor as well as his best friend who raised him by herself after she and his father divorced. By high school He was well deep into his craft, how so he would say, “He had manifested, or finessed his foundation.” He was a juvenile delinquent though. Hanging with the old heads, thugs and the dope dealers. Aside of being caught up in the street life, he was starting to lose focus of his main priority, his passion for music. He never said this shyt was easy, but He never gave up. He started in a band, “The Underground Pimps” just he and 2 of his childhood friends that later became brothers from another mother. They did show all around Atlanta Georgia and a few outside the state, just for promotional purposes though, never got any paid gigs. He later grew apart from the group simply wanting to be a solo artist & dropped his first album, “The Yungg Vickk Project” in 2006.It really didn’t make too much noise, except to the local vendors. So he started dropping mix tapes.

And since then he has never looked back and focused hard on his music releasing music after music and getting a lot of appreciations from his fans and critics.

Most Recent Release

He recently released a NEW VIDEO of his HIT SINGLE – “HOLLYWOOD”

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