Martin Garrix



Martin GarrixNetic in the spotlight of numerous electronic move occasions for all the more then 10 years. Occasions, for example, Working two jobs 2, The Confine, Electro Ambush, Sex Toyz and Beats, Nokturnal Ecstasy 1&2, The Paradise and Hellfire Ball, Phoenix 3, Goods Rudiments Attack Visit, Predominantly Beats, Ultrasonic, A Tribute to 9-11, Perfect world, Squash N Bash, Expanded, and “!” demonstrates Netic is no more unusual to the move floors.

As a youthful up rising Electronic DJ utilizing the magnificent powers of Hardstyle. Damaging cadence examples and ear puncturing synth wounds just start to portray what is going to happen when this DJ drops the bombs on the floor.

Rapidly getting the attention of fans and promoters alike, Netic was added to the Goods Nuts and bolts list in 2003, In July 2004 Netic set out to shape AM and PM and dropped the “Changes – The AM and PM Blends” The 2 Cd demo was a hit with club goers and electronic fans. Later in January of 2005 Netic joined Jack Day by day, MC Akira, Name V, Transender, Transender, and Trisma on the Diversive Creations list. This new blend “Beating The Framework” is to demonstrate the development of his aptitude and learning of the underground music society.

My Favorite Tracks