Phantom Electric Ghost


Who is Phantom Electric Ghost?

Keith David Gittens-Jones aka Phantom Electric Ghost releasing new genre of Electronic Dance Music. Keith David Gittens-Jones is an African American independent musician and Information Technology professional. A resident of Concord NH, he currently holds a permanent Senior Business Analyst position with Akamai Technologies, a leading Content Delivery Network company.

What is Phantom Electric Ghost?

Phantom Electric Ghost is a one man electronic music band. This band is his personal means of expressing sounds and concepts that have been within him for many years. He is a Cancer survivor who overcame a level 3 Sarcoma in 1997. This life altering experience prompted him to double down on writing music as a passion and serious pursuit. Since then he has have composed over 577 compositions and has released three albums “Something Wicked”, “Indigo Menace”, and “Synesthesia Sweet Neo Soul Surrender”

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