Riaan Eloff


My name is Riaan Eloff, and I am a pianist, keyboardist, songwriter, vocalist and arranger/producer. I have been involved in the music industry for more than 30 years, and have been playing piano since age 8. This was also the time when my music lessons started, leading to my qualification in UNISA GR VIII during 1988, my matric year.

In the years that followed I continued my involvement in music, developing my skill in various bands, productions, stage performances and studio sessions. I was exposed to quite a bit of Negro-Spiritual, Rock, and Jazz music during my career, and all these influences play a part in my approach today. The obvious influences of the well-known, popular pianists like Richard Clayderman, Liberace, Billy Joel and Elton John have always been prevalent in my music, along with my own interpretations and nuances, creating my unique sound and feel.

I regularly perform as a solo pianist, or along with my lounge band (upright bass, brush kit and piano) aptly titled: “Lounge Around”, at tea-parties, weddings, corporate events, dinner-parties, cocktail-parties and sundowners. In fact, we are happy to entertain you with our music at any event of your choosing, so please do contact me to have us perform at your next event. The live piano and/or live lounge band brings a certain elegance to any event.At present I am involved in several productions and shows, as well as the process of marketing the album, which entails concerts at every conceivable opportunity. Under the events menu you will find more information about the shows I’m involved in, as well as future and past concerts, events and productions.

Recently, I released a piano-driven, instrumental album titled: “Piano by Riaan Volume 1”, that showcases my skills as a pianist, as well as an arranger/producer. Samples of the album are available here, with some free songs available for download. All songs from the album are also available for purchase and download. The album was recorded at my recording studio, Studio 1, where I record various artists on a regular basis.

Currently I am promoting my show “Rendezvous” and its various iterations countrywide, and completing an album of solo-only pieces on the piano.