Spence the Prince



Spencer Coates who goes by the artist name ‘Spence the Prince’ is a rapper and producer out of Northern Virginia from the suburbs. He has been rapping ever since he was 16 but didn’t start making beats until he was about 24. Now he has been making music since last 4 years or so. As far as his inspirations is concerned some of his favorite artists include J. Cole, Jay-z, Big Krit.


He has created a lot of music in recent years actually 8 so far. And his recent one A Mixtape titled ‘Samples of Life‘ is unique for him as its first project which he entirely produced.

How To Follow

He hasn’t been active on social media previously but recently he has started to share all about his music and life on social media with his fan. So it will be a good place to get updates on him. You can follow Spence the  Prince on