T.R.€.K (The Realest Ever Known) is more than just one man.  Being as it is one artist/designer/actor that is leading this new movement in creative Long Island based entertainment, it may start off slow but snowball into a new avenue for the Island.  My plan is to get all Long Island based Directors, Managers, Videographers, Designers, Chefs, Engineers, Tech Support, A&Rs, Publicists, PR’s, Painters, Bloggers, Assistants & Programmers a profound chance to have their talents expressed.  It is a new day and a new wave/movement is underway in New York.  The revolution will not be televised, because it will be on our phones.  We can change the future if we remain consistent.

You can change anything you choose in life, make sure the choice is always yours.

“Chase Happiness, the $$$ follows”


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