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The Bonazzoli Band was formed in 2009 with a goal of wrapping the best of 20th century music into an all new sound. Founder Matthew Bonazzoli had been working for more than a decade on perfecting this sound. First with his band Gearhead which he formed in Massachusetts during the late 1990’s. Gearhead was a mix of 50’s and 1960’s rock, pop and modern rock, and a dash of swing. This combination was a hit with audiences and the band released two albums. Dynaflow and Torqued both explored this sound in unique ways. Ultimately though, Matthew believed that the sound could still be improved upon. After a five year hiatus where he moved to Florida and composed new material to further develop the concept he had a chance meeting with a ragtime pianist named Patrick Thompson. The pair decided to try a new band using the Gearhead sound as a starting point and reinforcing the swing and roots influences. Their first full album was released in 2010 and titled Quiet Little Towns. In this release were all of the sounds blended into beautiful and detailed selections. There were country, swing, rock, blues and even gospel numbers and some songs combined all of these. The sound was taken further by Matthew’s polished vocal technique. Now sounding like a modern Roy Orbison/Dean Martin combo his vocals added a new Rat Pack element to the entire set.
The band took to the stages at music festivals all over Florida and began to release a series of professional music and performance videos. After several lineup changes the band solidified in 2011 and has remained steady since. In 2013 the band released their second album titled American Ghost Stories. The album is an ingenious musical tribute to old time radio shows of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s and their style really compliments the storytelling of the lyrics. On this disk you will hear songs that are romance, detective drama, ghost stories and more.
The band continued to play the festival circuit and shoot music videos for the next 18 months but in 2015 they stopped to dedicate time to their next album. Set to be released in early 2016 this third Bonazzoli Band album is sure to continue to improve upon their unique sound.
The band is sticking to their slogan, “The best of 20th Century Music wrapped into a 21st Century alternative.

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