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Asher Cochláin talks about his project ‘White Robot’


Today in our interview section we have Asher Cochláin with us, the man behind the dark folk project White Robot.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Asher Cochláin : I’m Asher Cochláin, I was born exactly 15 years after Martin Luther King Jr was killed. I live on a small island in Washington State.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Asher Cochláin : Radio Shack. One day I came home and had a tumble with my new wires and Windows Recorder and accidentally found out that I could record my guitar in my bedroom without the nonsense of a studio.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent project ‘The Belligerent North Star’?
Asher Cochláin : One day I was sitting in a room with too many spiders and I wanted to catalyze a unique sound and fuse it with a name. And that became White Robot.
Since I only play guitar I enlisted the help of other musicians from all over the world via the Internet, particularly with Amanda Joy whom I have never met.

Twist Online : Any particular track that’s your favorite ?
Asher Cochláin : Paranoid Rose. The opening lines are when I became a robot. Amanda’s voice is particularly haunting.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?
Asher Cochláin : No one has thrown up listening to it yet.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?
Asher Cochláin : Girls that are smarter than me. That is my choice because I work in neither a studio nor play live.

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Asher Cochláin : I won’t eat a single doughnut for three years.

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Asher Cochláin : Yes, the third and final White Robot album. Then the circuts and gears power down.

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