“Mile Away” a masterpiece by Fake Estate


We recently came across an impressive track “Mile Away” by Fake Estate. Fake Estate is founded by Florida based producer. Who mainly produces electronic music. Founded in the darkest depths of Deep House, Fake Estate obtained their iconic sound to question reality. The song in discussion is a perfect example[…]

Alex Veach impresses with his new album “Enigma”


Alex Veach is aiming to make a splash in the electronic music scene. With a dark and brooding mix, Veach sets a new tone for his musical style. Inspired by the time-honored duo Daft Punk and enigmatic producer Gesaffelstein, Veach tries to paint an epic soundscape. The full mix plays[…]

Interview with music band “Jaws of Brooklyn”


We are sharing our recent interview with a very talented music band Jaws of Brooklyn. Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?Jaws of Brooklyn : Jaws of Brooklyn is a Seattle based band inspired by 60’s Garage Rock and Soul. We recorded our album[…]

Yona Marie releases new single titled “Loyalty”


Yona Marie’s new single “Loyalty” is a dedication to those who have provided their friends, family members, or romantic partners with unyielding love and loyalty over time. Yona has created an anthem that anyone that has given or received authentic love will be able to relate to and remind themselves[…]