NatStar releases another exciting track LOCK


Multi-talented global artist NatStar has been one of our permanent features in recent years. Our readers are loving his music. He has been impressive with his recent releases. Particularly his last release titled ‘BBL’ has been appreciated by music lovers. Now he has come up with another beautiful track titled[…]

Multi-talented Meg Williams releases new album ‘Live and Learn’

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Nashville-based guitarist, singer-songwriter, Meg Williams, just released her brand new album ‘Live and Learn’ at the end of 2021. Recorded in Nashville, TN with musician/producers Terry Goose Downing and Tom DelRossi, ‘Live and Learn’ consists of 9 songs, written by Meg Williams throughout 2020 – with ‘Right Man, Wrong Time’[…]

Versatility at it’s peak in “Vocal Works” by Brian Field

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Today we have come up with an exciting and versatile album for our readers. Most of the albums we have reviewed so far as based on same theme or all the track follow the similar rhythm and music tone. But the album we are talking about “Vocal Works” by Brian[…]

Trendy Clothes and a Mommy-Daughter Duo

Life Style

Our family is more valuable to us than anything in this universe. This is the intrinsic property of every living being, even in animals. So we humans, the most sophisticated life form on earth, how can we overlook this fact? The new and innovative ways are being established for ages[…]

‘Big Bus Dream’ impresses with the album ‘Giant In My Mind’

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‘Big Bus Dream’ is founded by Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist, Guitarist and composer Mike Shannon in 2006. Since then he has been releasing some exciting tracks for his listeners. He creates music in own custom made genre. A combination of different genre. Normally people call it electro type genre. But it[…]