Finessen impresses once again with “Baddie”


Good news for Finessen fans, after the success of his recent track “Mulatto” he has come up with another exciting track titled “Baddie”. Within a couple of days of it’s release, the track has gain thousands of downloads and streams in different music platforms. Checkout the track here on different[…]

Antonio Maurice

Our recent interview with music artist Antonio Maurice


What made you want to become a music artist? “Music is a form of therapy. It always gave me a way to express myself. Watching artist like Michael Jackson peeked my interest in performing. When you’re on the stage, it feels like you’re in your own little world but it’s[…]

Top Benefits Of Wearing Wigs To Know

Life Style

Wearing wigs is an amazing opportunity to protect your natural hair from hot sunlight and other things such as dirt and pollution. Besides that it brings various benefits for all the users who wear it. It is a simple way to enhance your style statement and fashion as well. For[…]

Satish Dat Beast - Three-Car Garage

Satish Dat Beast releases music video of Three-Car Garage


Independent recording artist, songwriter, and publicist Satish Dat Beast who got fame from his reggaeton song “La Reina Cubana”, has been releasing some exciting tracks to amuse his fans and music critics. His most recent release the music video for his song Three-Car Garage is a treat to watch. Video[…]