The Dirty Clergy

“The Dirty Clergy” A Band Of Highly Skilled Musician

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Today we had conversation with Co-founder & guitarist of “The Dirty Clergy Band” Brian Manasco. The Dirty Clergy is a multi talented music band who recently released a new single “ALL I NEED”. We really loved this conversation with Brian Manasco who spoke on behalf of all the band members.[…]

upcoming artist

A Conversation With An Upcoming Artist

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We recently had conversation with a very ambitious and skilled hip-hop artist from a small city outside of philly named Chester. The way he answered our questions he looks a promising upcoming singer and songwriter. Twist Online : Please tell us about your start of Music Career? Answer : I’ve[…]

Joella Deville

A Conversation With A Rising R&B Artist Joella Deville

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New Jersey native and rising R&B artist Joella Deville is only just beginning with her latest single, “Ease The Pain.” The track kicks off with a strong house beat and is layered with Joella’s soft R&B vocals for a great blend of pop and soul. From making waves performing from[…]

serge bulat

Serge Bulat A Highly Talented Artist

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Twist Online : First tell us a little about your past and start of your music career. Serge Bulat : After completing music school, singing in a band, working out a career in radio, and experiencing full spectrum of Academy of Arts, the most logical thing for me to do,[…]

buy cds and dvds

Want to buy Audio CDs, DVDs at $1 ?


Yes its true! In today’s era when everything is so much costly there is a site named DollarMisfit which sells media, audio CDs, DVDs and video games for $1.00 each. The site has fix price of $1 per item throughout their site. And there isn’t any limit of how many[…]