Destino Rubiani

Destino Rubiani a Young Artist Sings “Yesterday” by the Beatles

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Destino Rubiani is a 16 year old classic rock artist from Elmwood Park, New Jersey. His music taste leans towards the sounds of the 50’s/60’s and the music of Broadway. Recently he sung “Yesterday” by the Beatles. And this song is getting appreciations from around. Here is the song we[…]

Breaking News!!

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Konstantinos Dilzas (Petra & Efhi – # 56 at USA iTunes Latin Charts!!) has just signed with a new sub label of ZYX Records and is going to release some of his electronic – dance – dubstep tracks in English Versions! The first single will be the song “Do you[…]

Goldee Heart

Goldee Heart Talks about his Music & Life

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Goldee Heart’s interest in music, and specifically in piano,began at the early age of seven. By age eleven Goldee joined his first band as a keyboardist performing in local nightclubs, and later throughout the East Coast corridor. After performing with several local groups he released his first recording, “Give Me[…]


A Very Interesting Conversation With BMMG

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BMMG is a hip hop group out of Lewiston, Maine, USA. Mainly there are two Artists in the group,  Adiktid aka (Adiktid To Lyrikz) and Xzaminer known for their raw story telling lyrics, bass hitting beats and energetic stage performance. They belong to an abandoned mill town in Lewiston. What[…]

Paid Duez The Rapper


Paid Duez the St peters burg Florida based rapper who had moved to NY City to fulfill his dreams of becoming a Famous Rapper. For that he really has done hard work and all sort of efforts. And his hard work and artistic skills has paid back and now he[…]