Fresh Cut Reality show

Buffalo Star Makes Reality Show


Fresh Cuts teamed up to showcase young up-and-coming raw untapped talent. The held auditions all around Atlanta to find out who can make the cut. The top 3 finalists will perform at the Bossip Talent Showcase and the winner of the series will receive an African Pride makeover, cash prize,[…]


Jamie Alimorad an Amazing Rock Star

Artists Blog

“Jamie is not the definition of an overnight success story. Instead, his is founded in years of hard work, honing his craft and becoming the stellar musician that he is today.” If we take a closer look into his musical career, it’s a combination of talent and hard work, and[…]


A Conversation with a Songwriter and Rapper J.Austin

Blog Interviews

Today we are bringing you our conversation with another talented musician J.Austin. Very active on spotify and cruising towards more success in music industry on the bases of his music skills and talent.   Twist Online : How did you enter into music industry? Tell us something about it. J.Austin[…]

Nathaniel James A Highly Talented Musician


Nathaniel James  a trained pianist and bassist had one constant in his life, and that is music. Being the last of 6 children he was not the only one with the gift, but is the only James to have such success in his pursuit of being a professional musician. With[…]