Interview with Jamie Alimorad

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“Rock me to Heaven” signals a new mile marker in the career of Jamie Alimorad. Capturing the pop essence that has made him an artist to watch, “Rock me to Heaven” brings a more mature sound with Alimorad’s soothing vocals taking center stage in delivering his lyrical poetry of a[…]


Soprano : A Very Talented Vocal Coach

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Vocal Coach is the one who polishes a voice into proper singing tone and is the reason behind the success of a singer. We recently had an opportunity of meeting a vocal coach in NL named Soprano. She has a private studio and also teaches online. She has a healthy[…]

seven day sons

Knowing the Seven Day Sons Band

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Seven Day Sons are an independent Canadian Rock band whose styles are rooted in the tradition of bands like Kings Of Leon, Stone Temple Pilots & Big Wreck. Comprised of four members Pat DiMeo (Vocals), FigZ Gorup (Guitars), Alex Pinette (Bass) & Johnny Zambito (Drums,) their catchy tunes with a[…]