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Quadroon is back with another exciting album “∞”


From the day we listened to the track “Letter of Love” I have become fan of the talented of this young and inspiring artist Quadroon. He always comes up with something unique and exciting. And now he comes up with yet another exciting release, his newest project “∞” .

The speed on which he is driving through this music industry, will surely take him to the top spots soon. It seems he targets the “∞” . With each new project he is improving.

And this new project is no exception. He has proved his talent once again. Yes there may be couple of aspects that needs attentions but the time and experience are the best teachers and if you are a good student the success is not far.

Coming back to the album, it’s a 8 tracks album. Album features some other talented artists as well that includes Cori Strell, Quizzy B and Asanti Haynes. Each of these 8 songs have one thing is common, the lovely music. Anything that feel soothing to year ears is good and something that intrigues you to listen to it over and over again is this album.

Lyrics, music, vocals, production everything has been done exceptionally well in this album. Particularly the track ‘When I look in’ is fabulous. I like the way he summed up the whole thing within a 2 minutes track.

Same is the case with other tracks, all of these are worth listening to. So overall it’s a good music album to listen and I am sure you will like it as well.

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