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Some Must Listen Songs by Cesare


Hailing from Detroit Michigan Cesare grew up in a traditional Italian setting with both of his parents and two brothers. Born Franco Di Cesare he grew up with a strong love for hip-hop while still embracing his strong Italian background. His father from Abruzzo (Pacentro) and mother from Napoli. Cesare was taught by his parents of his culture and values at an early age. The continuous progression of hip-hop is generated by contributions from different cultures and diversity. Italian ?? MC Cesare is here to make his contribution and bless us with his multiple talents. His love and passion for hip-hop has bred him to become a lyrical beast in the making. Cesare’s strong values are projected in his music and will earn your respect once heard. Cesare’s music is a breath of fresh air.

These are some of the Cesare songs you must listen to if you are a music lover.

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