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News & Interviews

Talented producer and audio-visual performer BASSEAH releases Bionic Sealife


BASSEAH is a producer and audio-visual performer, living as an intimate Bassmusic/IDM project made of dazing soundscapes, iconic harmonies and custom live visuals. Inspired by years of classical musicianship as well as the rise of the ‘glitch’ movement, dubstep, ‘psychedelic’ genres and unrealistic video-game-like sound design, and carried forward with a spirit of innovation and experimentation, bringing a range of psychedelic bass music to the world on a weekly pace.


Led by a multi-instrumentalist, improviser and composer from the esteemed Berklee College of Music who handles the project on all fronts on his own and is a true believer of the DIY-approach.

He has recently released his second single. You will surely love this, check it out.

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